Machinery Prices

Since this website was created, I receive phone calls regarding valuations on machinery. I am no expert.

I and others are more than willing to assist in this area, and more often than not, a seller is of the belief that they have something special (their opinion must be respected), in other words not a common machine or one was sold the other day.

When I first obtained my DH22, I had only seen one other. Now they are everywhere, even including the 4WD fitted with cabins and being called Tugs or Shunters.

Most prices are on the rise and this is most apparent at auctions and clearing sales.

I will list, upon request, the latest sales figures on the website, just as T.O.M.M. publication does in many of its issues.

Implements on machines is a big issue as the more implements, it seems the higher the price. The Howard 2000 has eighteen (18), whereas the DH 22 has one from the factory, except where a slasher has been fitted or made to suit. The same goes for the 226. E. Hassett & Sons, under license to Howard Australia, supplied and fitted after market implements.

We have to accept that today Howard machinery is as popular as the Grey Fergie.



For a good guide to Historic Machinery and Tractor Rallies, you cannot go past The Old Machinery Magazine ( T.O.M.M.)
The Magazine for Australian enthusiasts. See your Newsagent.