Once again a dismal display. Only 3 machinery Clubs turned up. NO bike, truck or military displays.

The Saturday Parade was the biggest ever held. At least this side of things is well supported.
Once again, the Morris and Mini Moke Clubs travelled up from Sydney.

Unfortunately, neither Anne or myself took any pics, but our display was 3 Haulers, a Kelpie, 2000, Bantam, Bullfinch and a Terrier.

We had a visit from the Arthur Butler Aviation Museum, who have invited the Register to an Air Show Fly in on the 20th MAY.

To see some fencing being pulled down at 12 noon says a lot. We were all packed up by 1:30pm. Have spoken to Rotary President, telling him things need to change. No one receives an Invite. They expect Clubs to just turn up.

On Saturday night they had a country band "November Shorn". There was a rock-building display as well. Once again, only 53 people turned up.
Without the Swap Meet, the Fair is in BIG TROUBLE.


The NATIONAL HISTORIC MACHINERY ASSOCIATION Rally held in Mudgee, 15th/16th April 2023, was a huge success. To Howard enthusiasts it was the year of the Kelpie. Just about every second machine was one.
We had visitors from all over Australia, including Philip Howard on the Saturday, and 3 wheeled Rotary Hoe owner from Queensland, as well.
Shane Djuric and Tony Pettitt's Books flew off the shelf, with one bloke paying $90.00 for Shane's book elsewhere. He took the book back and bought Shane's at $45.00. A big difference. He showed his appreciation by buying a few badges and a name plate. Also, old members renewed and a few new ones taken.

Myself and Anne, Matthew, Melissa and boys, Shane Djuric, Richard Betts and John Gray showed off their machines. Quite a few members paid us a visit , not able to display, but all enjoyed putting a face to a name.

The next NHMA Rally in 2 years time will be in QLD at Jondaryan Woolshed.
We now turn our attention and put the effort in to support the rally in July at Biloela QLD, with a couple of smaller Gatherings, like Quirindi and Lithgow in between. Let's not forget the 100 Year display at Hamilton VIC in May as well.

(See photos on the Rally Photo Gallery - page 10).


The Howard Register did Cliff Howard proud when staging 'Take 2' of the "Gathering of Howards", celebrating 100 Years of Manufacturing at Biloela QLD. Why 'Take 2" ? Because it has taken 5 years plus to stage the event, with 2 floods in that time and an accident, putting paid to staging the event.

Robert and Anne Moore, Co-Ordinators of the Howard Register and member Adrian Whitfield, and Cindy Cooper of the Callide Dawson Valley Heritage Association, put the rally together with Sponsors - Hare & Forbes Machinery Group, Garden Tractor Restorations (VIC), Little Diggers Excavations (NSW) and RJM Security (NSW) at the Queensland Heritage Park over the 15th/16th July weekend.

Neville and Bev Hunter with caravan in tow, drove over from South Australia to volunteer their time, as did Peter Robinson (Sponsor) from Kangaroo Flat in Victoria. John Gray travelled from Crookwell NSW, Matt Vella (Sponsor) towed his 3-wheeled Rotary Hoe from Dean Park in Sydney. Robert & Anne came from Wellington NSW. Others came from all over Queensland and first timer with the Register, Adrian Kahler and Brother were amazed at the depth of machinery on show.

Overall, including machines exhibiting with their Clubs, close to 90 or more exhibits were on show, a large number of these were from Biloela local Adrian Whitfield and family, making this a more remarkable event.

The Howard Register was given an award, not only for the numbers of one make machines on display, but also for the efforts put in for making the display a success.

The HOWARD REGISTER would like to thank all those involved with the Biloela Rally, especially those volunteers doing traffic, catering and everything else that we take for granted. Congratulations to one and all. Anybody from the rally who would like a memory of the event can contact Robert or Anne on (02) 6845-3279, as there are still some "Old Wheels in Motion 2023" Certificates available.


(See photos on the Rally Photo Gallery - page 11 + 12).


100 Years Production of HOWARD - Clarendon 2023.

Matthew Vella - take a bow. To have 187 machines in our display was remarkable. Another 36 displayed with their Clubs.
To see Julian Calleja's 4WD Shunter 226, just restored, was awesome. Rob Temple had his Platypus crawler, Tim Geyer his Morris powered D16 Tractor, Matt had his 3-wheeled Morris powered Rotary Hoe and others. I had my Tipper Hauler and Ingersoll Rand Howard Le Roi Compressor, Adrian Whitfield his Hauler Forklift, with Lou Grima showing close to 40 restored GEMS. There was a Howard for everyone.

The Register provided "100 Year Lapel Badges" and information as did PFG N.Z. parent company of Australia Australia. They gave out exhibitor polo shirts, 100 Year lapel badge and transfers, plus other items for sale.

We all agreed you will more than likely never see such rare grouped machinery again. It was just fabulous. They came from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and from all over New South Wales.

This was truly the greatest Howard event ever staged and all who participated give yourselves a pat on the back.

(See photos on the Rally Photo Gallery - page 13 + 14).


I have been putting the effort in to making the Howard Register what it is today since formation in 2005 and would not have made such a force in the Historic movement, if it was not for the close support (which was evident at Clarendon 2023) of enthusiasts throughout Australia.

Unfortunately, every now and then, an individual comes along who feels they are bigger and better than everyone else and will not listen to reason.

Such is the case of former member Rodney Thomas of Albany, Western Australia, who decided on September 15th to go over the top and annoy an enthusiast to the point where legal action was threatened.

Not one week earlier I had conservation with Rodney, as his attitude had made the decision to once again become an annoyance. I warned him he may face legal action for what he was about to do. I spoke to a few close to me and all said I should have let it be.

For his actions of the 15th September, during the Clarendon Classic Rally, Rodney has been served a written notice, regarding his future towards Register members. His membership has been cancelled and funds returned and in the written notice, special conditions of concern towards Howard enthusiasts was noted. He is not a specialist in any field or ex-employee of Howard.

To one and all who have had to put up with his dogmatic attitude, I personally apologise. If you are hassled by Rodney, please let me know. These decisions were not taken lightly.








Righto Folks! Do you realise 2025 is just around the corner? This is when the Register will celebrate 20 YEARS of existance.

Now what we need are a couple of venues to be put forward, e.g. Memorial Site - Crookwell, Clarendon Classic Rally, Hamilton VIC, Biloela QLD. These are just an example of Rallies in past times. Please notify Robert or Anne with your ideas.


O.K. People. I would like your input.

Neville & Bev Hunter in South Australia, have been driving all over the country, visiting shows, promoting the Howard brand and the Register.

None more so than Biloela QLD in 2022, which was washed out and we caught up with them at Biloela 2023. There we had a discussion about attending an event in South Australia.

Well folks, Bev has come up with an event called "Power of the Past", for November 2024. Possibly second or third weekend. As we are coming together at Clarendon, the topic will be raised.

We have plenty of time to prepare, and I will make the necessary arrangements with Bev representing the Register, through the Adelaide Hills Motor Restorers Club.





To be held on 2/3 March 2024 at Wellington Showground. On the Saturday, 2nd March - Parade through Town plus set up. Sunday 3rd - Rally and Swap Meet. Ring ROBERT - (02)6845-3279.



The Canberra and District Historic Engine Club will be staging a display on the 9th/10th March 2024. (Setup day 8th March.) Featuring working displays, Vintage engines, Machinery and Tractors.
The event will be held at the Bungendore Showground - 71 Mathews Lane Bungendore. The Register, in co-operation with Steven O'Connor - 0447 125 577, will be on display. Ring Steven.


The DUBBO TRUCK and TRACTOR SHOW is returning to a 2-DAY EVENT on the 10th/11th August 2024.
The Register will be displaying at the DUBBO Showgrounds, Wingewarra Street, Dubbo, in the usual spot, inside the oval. On the Northern end.
Look forward to seeing you all there.