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My DH22

Robert Moore, his DH22 and trusty red Bedford (in background), March 2010

The HOWARD REGISTER, operating out of Wellington NSW, an hour and a half from Biddon, where it all began, was formed in 2005, due to the frustrations of many, being caused by the lack of support outside Howard Australia. They, by their own reckoning, only had limited knowledge outside of their suppliers. This was caused by pre-1980 enquiries of which most were called Museum Pieces, which in reality, is what they are. Howard Australia had no knowledge of us till 2005, when I met with Senior Management outlining what I wanted to do, and I needed funding, which was forthcoming. I also pointed out at that meeting, 100 years of cultivation by Howard was fast approaching and they responded as Sponsors. But since 2005 when the Register was formed at the Wellington Vintage Fair, a lot has changed.

Miracles take a bit longer, but in essence we have some very knowledgeable and capable people amongst us. We have an excellent Library of Manuals, including those "hard to get" Manuals of limited manufactured machines. The one and most important item that still eludes us is the complete list of Serial Numbers, enabling us to date machines. We do have several persons in the Register having excellent knowledge towards dating. I personally have limited numbers.

Another important area for us is PARTS etc. and we try to do our best to steer the enthusiast in the right direction. When ringing (02) 6845-3279, please do not be put off by the answering machine. Please leave clear details regarding your request, including your name and phone number. We will be prompt in returning your call.

We have an excellent range of New Old Stock from 1+1/2Hp to 13Hp Briggs & Stratton Engines. Some Kohler, Clinton and Wisconsin.

Enthusiasts must take into account that in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Howard Australia was in the preparation of shutting down the Northmead Foundary and Associated Facilities, moving to Seven Hills.

In 2014 Howard Australia closed its doors at Seven Hills, which meant the Howard Register became a unique group in its own right being able to offer assistance.

As stated, we do have on board people with knowledge. These enthusiasts help to the best of their ability, especially with the location of manufacturers of components. The Register also has a list of former suppliers to Howard Australia.

MAKE NOTE - The Howard Register is not a Club.
It is a recognised group of enthusiasts forming together, to assist one another, and to support the Register towards the future. Without the Membership's continued support, the Howard Register would not be as informative as it has become.

To attend a Howard Event, you must have the event listed through a recognised Club. This is for Insurance purposes, over which we have no control.